The Best Money Saving Apps Available in Canada

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Raising a family is expensive – household expenses, groceries, extra curricular activities, day care, car repairs.  It all adds up FAST.  Here are a few of my favourite money saving apps that are available in Canada to help you keep a little more of your money in your pocket.  With the cost of groceries, gas, and well just about everything going up, up, up we need to find ways to stretch our income a little further.  Using money saving apps to earn cash back and points, or find out where to get the best deal on a purchase is an easy way to help you save more money for the things you want rather than the things you need.

Best Money Saving Apps Available in Canada


This app allows you to browse all your local flyers without touching a single newspaper.  You can browse by category or search up a specific store to see the CURRENT real time sales and promos.  Grocery lists quickly come together as you can create a shared list where multiple people can add items to the list.  With one tap you can see if there are any sales for the items you have entered on your list and can “clip” them (like bookmarking them) so that you can easily and quickly price match at check out.  Want to pick up Salmon, but only when it is on sale?  Type in Salmon to see all of the places where it is featured in the flyer this week.  Yep it is just that quick and simple.  You will never pay full price for diapers again.  Flipp will also alert you to printable coupons or rebates that are available on the products you add to your shopping list.  And when you are out shopping, one tap on the check box crosses items off your list for easy tracking.

PC Plus

If you shop at any of the Loblaws family of stores you should already have a PC Plus Card.  If you don’t get one NOW.  Seriously, this rewards point program has earned over $550 free groceries since I have been a part of the program (just over 3 years).  There are weekly bonus offers of points on select products in-store as well as your personalized weekly offers that are tailored to the groceries that YOU buy. 100 points = $1 in rewards

Not only can you use your PC Plus points on groceries, but you can also earn more points or redeem your points at The Mobile Shop.  If you are looking to upgrade your smartphone you can use your PC Plus points to buy your new phone.  Additionally PC mobile customers can rack up points even faster by earning points with select smartphones and when they use their PC Financial MasterCard to pay their monthly bill.

Carrot Rewards

Carrot Rewards is an app that was developed in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada to educate and motivate Canadians to make healthy lifestyle changes.  With the Carrot Rewards app you can earn points for taking short quizzes (usually less than 2 minutes long) about healthy living topics from fitness to nutrition.  These rewards points come in the form of YOUR favourite loyalty program including SCENE points, AEROPLAN Miles, PETRO Points, and more.  You can also earn points daily by connecting your step tracker (like a FitBit or Google Fit App on your phone) and meeting step targets on the Carrot App.  This app knows where to dangle the “carrot” to help me get moving, while earning me rewards points to go see free movies!


Shopping online is quick and convenient and gives you CASH BACK on your purchases with just one click. Ebates offers cash back at over 750 retailers including Amazon, Old navy, SportChek, Gap, Indigo, Etsy, Best Buy, Lowe’s,, Marriott Hotels and so many more.  Using the Ebates app is like being paid to shop at the stores you love.  The cash back you earn can then be paid out to your Paypal account.  I LOVE getting paid for shopping or travel that I am doing anyway and the Ebates app makes earning cash back quick and easy.  Log in, select your store, and then shop just like you normally would.  1 tap will have you earning cash back before you know it, and the automatic payment when you meet the payout threshold is a treat to see in my Paypal account.

Gas Buddy

With gas prices going up and down, and then up, up, up knowing where to get the best deal on gas can save you $ at the pump.  GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas in your area based on your postal code.  Prices are generated through user feedback, and the app lets you know how recently the price was checked and updated. 


Hate paper coupons?  Never remember to use them or forget them at home? Coupgon had made grocery coupons digital.  You select the store you are shopping at, and browse the coupons available for the products you are buying.  Then once in store you scan your phone at the store to show them the coupons to be applied to your purchases.  No printing required, you have all of your coupons at your fingertips.  New digital coupons are added every Thursday.


Checkout 51 is a Canadian cash back rebate app that lets you earn cash back on specific products that you buy.  The weekly offers showcase what cashback offers are currently available.  You can purchase these items at any store in Canada and then submit a photo of your receipt to earn cash back.  Once you meet the $20 threshold you can request a payout and Checkout51 will mail you out a Cheque.

While Money Savings Apps are great,  there are lots of other Creative Ways to Make Money Online!

With using all of these apps you will of course need a smart phone and will require access to wifi or data to work.  When you are working hard to make every dollar count, you need to make sure your smartphone and cellular plan are up to the task to help keep you on budget.  The Mobile Shop is conveniently located in over 175 stores across Canada where Presidents Choice Products are sold.  At The Mobile Shop you will find a full selections of smartphones and cellular plans from all of the major wireless providers across Canada, as well as PC mobile their very own store brand.  PC mobile runs on a reliable cellular network powered by TELUS.  

Getting unbiased advice from the Mobile Advisors at The Mobile Shop means that they can help you find a phone and a plan to fit your needs.  Need space for apps and a phone that takes great photos of your kids?  They have a phone and plan to fit your lifestyle. 

So let me know in the comments, what are your favourite apps that help you save money?  Did I miss any of the ones you use regularly?

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3 thoughts on “The Best Money Saving Apps Available in Canada”

  1. So often when I find a cool deals app it is US only. I LOVE this Canadian list.

    I’ve been ignoring Carrot App. I sort of felt like, what’s the catch? why does someone want to reward me for my steps? But knowing it’s tied in with the government — now it makes perfect sense and I’m eager to check it out.

  2. I have been using Carrot for quite a while and love it. keeps me motivated My invite code is (bonus code) is bettys2613 if anyone would like to use Kate, please

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