Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Round Up

Ready to Make an Announcement for Pregnancy? Use these Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Now before anyone gets too excited, nope neither Kate or Erin have any Pregnancy announcements to make! We just wanted to remember the fun ways we shared our news in the past and share some fun ideas. Are you expecting? With three kids Kate has had her fair share of pregnancy announcements and I can tell you with certainty announcing your new arrival is always better when you make it fun. I searched around the internet to find some of the best pregnancy announcements ideas so you don’t have to. Kate included two of her own so you can see how much fun we had, and Erin has included her announcements from Thumper in 2017 and Squeaker in 2020!

Ready to Make an Announcement for Pregnancy

Now pregnancy is such a blessing, and I remember not too long after finding out that my mind already started swirling with ideas of how to announce it. For some couples, seeing that positive on the pregnancy test for the first time can feel like winning the lottery, especially if they have been trying for awhile! The one thing that Erin knew right away is that her and her husband wanted their first fur baby Nala to help them announce it, so they made sure to include her in the big announcement that you can see below.

When to Annouce a Pregnancy?

Now there is no Wrong Way to announce a pregnancy as everyone will be excited no matter how you share the big news. Now the tough part is deciding on the perfect time: right away once you find out? after the first trimester? once you know the gender? The decision is different for everyone. Make sure you tell your closest family and friends before the big social media announcement as otherwise they may be offended. Your friends and family will be so excited to keep the secret and even more excited once you announce it publicly.

Annoucement Baby Ideas:

There are lots of fun and creative ways to share your pregnancy from giving GrandParent gifts, or Aunt and Uncle  gifts to siblings. Some ideas include: using the sonogram picture or pregnancy test, having siblings share the news, using math to show the addition to the family, flaunt the bump, use a chalkboard, or use a pair of baby shoes… the ideas are endless. The ideas below are creative picture you can create to email or share with friends and family on social media.

Ideas for Pregnancy Announcements 

There are numerous ways to annouce your pregnancy, from using your pets to join in the fun like Erin did, to funny quotes or catch phrases, or even just simply using the ultrasound photos. We have collected various pregnancy annoucement ideas to annouce a baby whether it be your first pregnancy or a second pregnancy. 

Erin’s Pregnancy Annoucements

NEW SHOES TO CHEWNew shoes to chew


Pregnancy Annoucement

Kate’s Pregnancy Annoucements



We Have A Secret Pregnancy Announcement via Little Miss Kate

Annoucement Ideas for Pregnancy: 


I’m spilling the beans on a little, big, personal announcement! via Mayahood Blog

One Little Minute From Five To Six (Almost) Wordless Wednesday via Mama To 5 Blessings

Time to Break Out those Mom Jeans via Ali

Do A Little Math via Mr. and Mrs. Powell

For the Trekkies via Just Like Magic For the Trekkies 

For John Deer Tractor Lovers and Farmers via a friend of Little Miss Kate

Party of 7 from our friends at Joy Food Sunshine


Sibling Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement from Where the Smiles have Been Sibling-Pregnancy-Announcement-Chalkboard-Sign-Graphic

New Playmate from Simply Create Inspire

new playmate

I would love to hear how you decided to announce your pregnancy and congratulations!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Round Up






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