Summer Time Traditions with Dairy Queen

Growing up I remember spending long days playing outside with the neighbourhood kids.  As much as we loved playing in the sprinkler or going for walks to the park, the ultimate treat was when our parents would take us for a walk to get Dairy Queen.  There is nothing like a refreshingly cool soft serve treat on a hot summer day.  I was lucky that the closest Dairy Queen was about a 25 minute walk away, a perfect distance to work up an appetite and discuss what treat you were going to pick from the selection at Dairy Queen this time.

When I was a teen I moved out of the city and into the country, the closest town didn’t even have a dairy Queen.  That didn’t stop me and a few friends from hopping in the car when we had a lunch break and spare period together to drive the 25 minutes to the next town enjoy lunch off the hot menu followed by a Blizzard® treat to bring back to help get you through the afternoon.

Dairy queen birthday cake
Some of the DQ cakes I have enjoyed for my birthday over the years!

And don’t be fooled, Dairy Queen is just not for summer.  As a November baby I still enjoy having a DQ Cake to celebrate my birthday each year. Oh that fudge and crunch centre….. Yuuuuuuuum

Now I am excited to introduce Monkey and Little Bear into the world of treats from Dairy Queen… and I think they like it!  The apple does not fall from the tree and Monkey loves chocolate.  On our last trip to Dairy Queen we let him pick his own Blizzard and he devoured the Chocolate Xtreme in no time at all.

Dairy Queen for kids

Little Bear was just as thrilled with his hot fudge Sundae. I loved that the Dairy Queen employee gave us a bib for him – because eating ice cream with a spoon is so overrated.

dairy queen sundae

I know we will be making several more trips to Dairy Queen this summer to enjoy some special summer timetreats, and with smiles like this, how could we not all have a great time!

ice cream face dairy queen

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Do you have a favourite Dairy Queen treat?

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Dairy Queen.  All opinions are strictly my own.

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25 thoughts on “Summer Time Traditions with Dairy Queen”

  1. We love DQ too. The flamethrower burger is the best out there and we like the icecream cakes for special occasions.

  2. DQ is great. Can’t get enough of the Smarties Blizzard! Sigh, now I’m going to have to head to DQ…

  3. I love DQ! I remember riding my bike just to go grab a cone with friends. My American really shows as my two favorite ice creams are- a vanilla cone dipped in crunch coat (I got laughed at the first time I asked for it in Ontario) it is so delicious. And an M&M blizzard. Smarties just don’t cut it for me.

  4. I enjoy the Blizzard from DQ. It was a treat I didn’t get to enjoy as a kid, I lived in a small town that didn’t have a Dairy Queen

  5. We just had a fabulous Spiderman/Superman DQ ice cream cake for my little guys’ birthday and it was amazing!

  6. nicolthepickle

    Aww, he’s such a cutie. That is the best way to eat icecream. I tried DQ’s raspberry lemonade the other day and it was so good. If you haven’t tried it yet, do. It’s so tasty.

  7. Those pictures are so cute! Dairy Queen has always been a summer tradition for our family, we love their blizzards!

  8. I love Dairy Queen’s cakes! My 4 year old son’s birthday is in September and he has already picked out what cake he wants from there.

  9. Darlene Schuller

    lol i love dairy queen. we don’t have one in the town we live but we do the town just a few mins away.. we hit’em up in the summer a few times a month when we’re there.

  10. Well tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday and we will be getting a Dairy Queen cake for her. It is a tradition, she will be 32 and if she doesn’t get one of these ice cream cakes, we hear about it

  11. Dairy Queen has been a go to place for many years for our family. From icecream cakes to sundaes, love them all

  12. Been a looong while since I’ve had a treat from DQ. Mostly because I live in a small town now, we don’t have one here.
    As a kid my absolute favorite item was a blizzard with Skor bits…. 🙂 Miss that.

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