Best Places for Ice Cream in Brampton

Guide To The Best Ice Cream and Gelato Places In Brampton

Since we are not travelling this summer we have come up with some creative ways to include a little adventure in our own backyard.  We have been going on the ultimate ice cream tour to find all the best ice cream and gelato places in Brampton and Georgetown.  Combine ice cream treats with a trip to a Brampton Splash pad or pool or a Brampton Playground and you have a winning combination every time!  Take a look at our ultimate guide to the Best Ice cream places in Brampton and start planning your trip to get a tasty treat.

Note: As businesses start to reopen, opening dates and hours of operation will fluctuate. We do our best to stay on top of these changes but always call ahead to avoid disappointment. 

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Where to Get The Best Ice Cream in Brampton that is not Dairy Queen

    1. Little Shop of Ice Cream
    2. Macaronz
    3. Mi Churros
    4. Rollz Ice Cream
    5. Ice Cream Cafe

    Ultimate Guide to The Best Ice Cream Places in Brampton

    Little Shop of Ice Cream Brampton

    1 – Little Shop of Ice Cream

    Location:  1 Theatre Lane, Brampton Ontario.  Access from Garden Square beside The Works, look for the little white house.

    Let me just say… the Ice Cream sandwiches are OUT OF THIS WORLD good from the Little Shop of Ice Cream located in the heart of downtown Brampton.  Don’t want an ice cream sandwich, that is OK you can enjoy your ice cream in a cup, cone or in a milkshake.  This delightful ice cream shop is tucked in Garden Square and offers a huge selection of Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream along with delicious lunch options including soup and unique grilled cheeses,  You can find their latest creations on Facebook and Instagram


    2 – Macaronz

    Location: 43 Queen Street East, Brampton, Ontario

    Looking for a unique ice cream experience, then you need to check out Macaronz.  This boutique sweet shops offers macarons, mini donuts, butter tarts, scones and more.  You can enjoy afternoon tea in their cozy tea room.  If it is ice cream you are after then the Macaronz Ice Cream Sammies are for you! They are available in 8 flavours including Birthday Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut, Cookies & Cream and Cereal Crunch.  They are a fun, and cool twist on macarons.
    Mi Churros

    3 – Mi Churros

    Location:  22 Main Street South Brampton on Harmsworth Lane – From main street go around behind the Harmsworth paint store and you will find this gem!

    Churros you say – YES Churros AND Ice Cream!!!  Mi Churros is a cute little shop downtown Brampton where you can enjoy churros, Tacos (from El Waco Taco) and and other treats like churro cake or churro ice cream sundaes.  To get there You can find more information on the Mi Churros Website and their Facebook page.

    Rollz Ice Cream

    4 – Rollz Ice Cream

    Location: 2760 North Park Drive, Unit 66 Brampton – The store is located in the Plaza on the North West corner of Airport and North Park, Our GPS took us to a spot farther west of where the store actually is, you need to be at the corner of North Park & Airport.

    So what is Rollz Ice Cream?  Your ice cream is created right before your eyes using a Thai Rolled Ice Cream method.  You choose the flavour, mix ins and then the liquid based is mixed, chopped and rolled on a frozen plate to create your ice cream.  Then you can choose 3 toppings and 1 sauce to go on top!  The creations are endless, and delicious.

    So what does this cool creamy treat look like?  Check out these 3 creations that we enjoyed. Can you tell we like chocolate? I enjoyed the Reece Peanut Butter ice cream… and it was sooooo good.  I topped it off with cookie dough, brownies, M&M’s and chocolate sauce like every responsible adult would.  You can also find Rollz Ice Cream on instagram.

    Ice Cream Cafe

    5 – Ice Cream Cafe

    Location: 23 Main St South Brampton

    Waffle cones, sugar cones, ice cream floats and more!  If you are looking for Gelato in Brampton you will also be able to satify your cravings here.  You can find details on their website.

    More to come soon….

    6 – Occassions Treat Parlour
    7 – Dairy Queen
    8 – Marble Slab
    9 – Baskin Robbins

  1. Erin decided to jump into the Ice Cream research in her new hometown of Georgetown just 15 minutes from Brampton. Thumper is super excited for ice cream this year and often asks for it after dinner, she even learned to say “ice cream truck” although we have yet to visit the one that frequents our neighbourhood. Combine ice cream treats and a hike on a local trail for an awesome combination of an outdoor day trip. Take a look at our ultimate guide to the Best Ice cream Places in Georgetown and start planning your trip to get a tasty treat.
  2. What is YOUR favourite place to get ice cream in Brampton ??? 

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