Busy Bag Idea – Pattern Matching with Foam Butterflies

This busy bag is very simple and inexpensive to make.  There is really only one material needed (besides some glue!) that can be found at your local dollar store.  All you need is some foam shapes!  We used butterflies as they are easy to make matching sides with, but you could use any shape or animal.  This activity is fun and educational for your toddler as they need to define colours and shapes while matching one side to the next, not to mention it will keep them busy for a little while.  So, take this busy bag with you next time you go to the doctor or a restaurant!  Take a look at the video and keep reading for the easy step-by-step instructions.

Busy Bag Idea: Pattern Matching with Butterflies

– large foam shapes
– small foam shapes
– glue 
Busy Bag Idea: Pattern Matching with Butterflies
There are only a few items needed for this busy bag, which makes it very simple to create.  You can find pre-cut animal shapes (like the butterfly) and also pre-cut smaller shapes (the circles, tear drops etc).  If you cannot find the pre-cut small shapes, create your own by cutting some of the larger foam into smaller shapes.
The How-To
Step 1. 
If you need to cut some smaller shapes from the large foam pieces do that now.  You will need doubles of every shape, one to glue down to the left side of the large shape and one for your toddler to match.  Choose a variety of shapes and colours, and glue a pattern down to one side of the large foam shape (in our case, a butterfly).  Set aside allowing they to dry.
Busy Bag Idea: Pattern Matching with Butterflies
Step 2.
Be sure you have the matching pieces to the pattern you’ve created, plus some extras to make it a little more challenging!
Busy Bag Idea: Pattern Matching with Butterflies
Now, place all the pieces down and have your toddler start match!!  This busy bag is surprisingly popular with the kids and oh-so easy to create, which makes it top on my list!!  Need some more busy bags to add to your collection?  Check out our Easy No-Sew Busy Bag Idea – Velcro Popsicle Stick Shapes and Busy Bag Idea: I Spy Bottle.  Also stop by Little Miss Kate’s YouTube channel for more great busy bag videos and ideas!
Busy Bag Idea: Pattern Matching with Butterflies

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  1. I am looking for ideas for my granddaughter and this is a great one, easy, takes little room to store I’m definetly will check out the other ideas

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