Easy No-Sew Busy Bag Idea – I Spy Bottle

Keeping toddlers busy during the day can be a challenging thing to do, especially in the winter.  With the colder weather approaching I thought it would be a great time to introduce one of Little Miss Kate’s Busy Bag ideas.  This one is actually a ‘busy bottle’ if you want to be specific :P.  Both of my girls loved this ‘busy bag’.  Bee at 3 years old enjoyed making them with me, while WeeBee at 1.5 years loved the finished product.  As mentioned in the video, it’s a great item to have as both age groups get a lot out of it.  Bee is at the age where I can ask her to find certain objects within the bottle, for example ‘where is the pink pom-pom’, while WeeBee enjoys shaking the bottle and spotting the different objects that are inside.  

Let’s not delay any further, check out the video below and then continue on for the easy step by step instructions…

Easy No-Sew Busy Bag Idea – I Spy Bottle

Read on for easy step-by-step instructions!


Busy Bag Idea - I Spy Bottle
Kate’s Bear looking to see what he can find!
 – empty 500ml clear plastic bottle
– about 1  3/4 cups dry rice
– small objects such as foam shapes, pipe cleaners, rhinestones, erasers or small toys
– small funnel to fill the bottle (optional)
Busy Bag Idea - I Spy Bottle
Step one:
 Using the funnel, fill the clear bottle with about 1 3/4 cups of dry rice.  The bottle should be about 3/4’s full.  Avoid filling the bottle all the way as there needs to be enough room for the rice to move around all of the fun shapes and toys.
Step two:
Add a few of objects.  You can theme the bottles if you’d like, or put a mixture of items inside.  A variety works nicely, making it fun for your child to different items within the bottle.
Step three:
Give the bottle a shake!  Once the rice and objects have been mixed, the fun can begin!
Busy Bag Idea - I Spy Bottle
This busy bag is a lot of fun for a wide range of ages so make sure to create enough for everyone!  Busy bags are a great way to entertain your toddlers during the colder months, poor weather, or even trips to the doctor!!  For more easy no-sew busy bag ideas check out all of our videos on the Little Miss Kate YouTube channel, and be on the look out for more easy busy bag ideas coming soon!
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