Free Dinosaur Worksheets Preschool

Worksheets are a great educational way to keep your kids busy and entertained. These Free Dinosaur Worksheets Preschool and kindergarten focused are great for helping your little one learn. Plus they won’t drain your colour ink as they are black and white only. Find more FREE Printables on our website with a variety of themes and holidays.

Free dinosaur coloring pages

These Dinosaur worksheets have a focus on simple math and letters. They are a fantastic way to get your children focused on the basics. Learning through play is a great way to encourage your children’s development. These free dinosaur worksheets are perfect for preschool and kindergarten

These Free Dinosaur Printables worksheets are great for rainy days, weekends, summer, march break and more. The sky is the limit. Your little ones are going to enjoy this no matter the reason or the season. Over 25 pages of activities in one PDF for easy downloading and printing.

Free Dinosaur Printables

These dinosaur printables are free. They work perfectly to encourage your children to learn through play. They include math, letters, coloring pages and more to encourage your little ones to engage in learning.

These sheets are easy to use. If you are looking for Kindergarten dinosaur worksheets simply print them off and get started with the fun!

Free dinosaur worksheets preschool

Printing Practice

These Kindergarten dinosaur worksheets include printing practice for your kids. They can simply trace the letters. The entire alphabet is included in both upper and lower case.

There are also cute dinosaur pictures along the side of the printing practices pages. Your little ones can colour them in when they are done tracing the letters.

Writing Practice

Your children can learn to write their numbers with these free dinosaur printables. These pages include numbers from one to twenty. Your children can simply trace over the numbers. This helps with gross motor skills, muscle memory and more.

Much like the printing practice pages, there are cute dinosaurs lining the sides of the page. Encourage your little ones to colour the dinos when they are done with their numbers.

Kindergarten dinosaur worksheets printing numbers worksheet

Word Writing

With these kindergarten dinosaur worksheets PDF, your children can practice sight words. Have your children colour in the image and then trace the word. This will help them with word association, spelling, and reading.

This section of the printable is great for creativity. Your children are sure to enjoy colouring and tracing.

Free Dinosaur Worksheets Preschool

Count and Colour

The count and colour pages of these worksheets are perfect for math. Have your child read the number out loud and colour the amount of the corresponding image.

This is a great learning tool for counting, math and more.

Kindergarten Dinosaur Worksheets

Dinosaur Subtraction

This section of the free dinosaur printable encourages your little one to do subtraction exercises. First, they will cross out the correct number of dinosaurs to help them solve the problem. They can then write the correct solution in the blank space provided.

This is a great way to familiarize your kids with math and numbers.

Kindergarten dinosaur worksheets

Dinosaur Addition

The addition pages encourage you to add the sum of the pictures to get the solution. Your little one simply counts the images and puts the solution in the provided space.

There are also pictures for them to colour in.

Days of the Week and Months of the Year

This section of the worksheet is dedicated to the days of the week and the months of the year. Your kids trace the words and can repeat them out loud.

This is a great spelling exercise. It is also very beneficial to teach your kids the days of the week and months of the year. Use this worksheet to point out what day it is and what month it is. You can then discuss further.

Kindergarten dinosaur worksheets pdf

Dinosaur Mazes

The Dinosaur mazes are an exciting activity for your little one. This activity will help to develop and facilitate problem-solving skills.

Your kids simply draw the way out for the dino to get home to his nest or to their eggs. Once completed, your children can colour the pictures.

Free Printable Dinosaur Colouring Pages

Included in this package are free dinosaur colouring pages. These pages are not only cute, but easy for your little one to colour.

Your little ones are sure to have a blast colouring all the cute images. Encourage them to get creative with different colour selections. They are also perfect for your fridge to display with pride.

DOWNLOAD Free Printable Dinosaur Worksheet Package

Download the 25+ page Free Printable Dinosaur Worksheet package here

What Materials do I need for these Printable Dinosaur Worksheets?

You don’t need too many different items in order for your little one to enjoy these worksheets. The following will do just fine:

  • A printer to print out the Free Printable Dinosaur Worksheets.
  • A pencil.
  • Crayons or markers for colouring.

These free printable worksheets are a great way for your children to learn through play. Print them off today and watch as your children have fun completing them.

Looking for more educational printables? Check out our Learning Fun section in the Kids Zone!

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