Do you get frustrated while trying to make dinner, or just getting through the day working while having the kids home due to our current pandemeic situation? Is your go to solution the Ipad tor television? Don’t get me wrong we allow television and technology in our house but I also can admit that we have definetly let our preschooler watch way more than I would like in the last few months which is why I went searching for ideas and activities to engage my preschooler without using electronics. Having the right resources and materials, ready to go and easy to grab will allow you to keep your kids, busy, engaged and learning all at the same time…. with the help of the Ultimate Preschool Winter Bundle created by Easy Activities for Kids.

Winter Preschool Activities

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Preschool aged children get excited to learn if you make the activities and learning fun. Preschoolers like Thumper are at the perfect age to begin to learn letters, numbers, beginning sounds, shapes, colours and matching which are all foundational skills. Today I am sharing these grear Printable Winter Worksheets for Preschoolers. This huge pack of activities is only $7 and provides multiple activities to keep your preschooler busy. This bundle offers the perfect snowman worksheets and printable winter vocabulary cards, as you have to do is simple download the pdf, print and begin the learning.

Why I decided to use the Winter Activity worksheets for Preschoolers:

In the winter, we find ourselves stuck inside more so I decided I wanted to have easy preschool winter activities on hand instead of relying on televisiom for entertainment. While Thumper does love toys she is a kid who is drawn to anything academic and actually prefers learning games and materials over other toys. As a teacher it is super important to me to use these foundational preschool years to get Thumper ready for school in fun ways. While she attends daycare a few days a week, she spends 4 days a week not in school so I decided to use this bundle to create a binder of activities that can go back and forth between our place and Grandma’s where she spends a few days a week. 

Winter Preschool Activities

What is included in the Ultimate Winter Preschool Bundle?

This preschool bundle is too good to miss out on as it includes 150 pages of learning fun designed to keep your preschooler busy all winter long, especially on those cold days when outdoor play isn’t an option. This bundle has over 24 activities that teach numbers, letters, colours, shapes, and sequencing.

The package includes the following activities using a fun winter theme and creative fun graphics to keep kids engaged:

  • Puzzles
  • Dress-up Dolls
  • Sequencing
  • Counting
  • Dot Painting
  • Winter Scene
  • Letter Matching
  • Shadow Matching
  • Shape Puzzles
  • Complete the Pattern
  • I Spy Fun
  • Line Tracing Page
  • Coloring Pages

I hate the stress of coming up with new activities to keep Thumper busy and then it takes me more time to create them then she spends doing the activity… for example I thought I would create a fun obstacle course in the house last March when the pandemic started… I spent a few minutes during nap time setting it all up, when she woke up she wanted nothign to do with the activity. 

Easy Activities for Kids takes the stress out of planning by creating fun Themed Activity Packs that contain both math and literacy themed activities that are perfect for the winter season at home with little ones. Use the Ultimate Winter Theme Printable to create a Busy Book that helps your child practice math, pre-writing, letter recognitions, fine motor skills and much more!!

Supplies Needed to Create the Winter Activity Pack:

  • Printer
  • Winter Activity Pack Printable
  • Laminating Materials or Draw Erase Pocket Protector Sheets
  • Scissors
  • Velcro (optional)
  • Dry Erase Markers (optional)
  • Three Ring Binder (optional)

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Watch What’s Included:


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