Best Rides for Toddlers at Canada’s Wonderland

Deciding where to go on a family day trip is no simple task, especially when you have more than one child.  There are many factors that come into play including location, cost and the range of activities available that will keep the whole family happy.  I am happy to say that we have taken our kids to Canada’s Wonderland several times now and have had an amazing visit every time. 

And if you can believe it we have still not seen and visited all of the attractions that are on our “To Do” list for Wonderland!  There are lots of things to go at Canada’s wonderland if you don’t love roller coasters (or in this case are not tall enough yet to enjoy them!)   Many people have asked me if it is worth going to Wonderland with a toddler and my answer is YES!  Here is my list of the best rides for toddlers at Canada’s Wonderland:

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Canada’s Wonderland with a Baby or Toddler

Children under age 3 are FREE so this is a great daytrip options for families as it keeps the costs low. Children under three do not have to pay for park admission, so why not have them tag along with the siblings and enjoy the toddler friendly rides.

Baby Care: All restrooms in the park offer change pads, and most restaurants could use hot water to heat a baby bottle for you. There are also lots of family washrooms making it easy for either parent to accompany their baby or toddler. Baby Care Centres are located in KidZville and Medieval Faire. There is also a babycare station in Splash Works Waterpark.

Stroller Rentals: Canada’s Wonderland offers many accessible routes through the park that are stroller friendly. The park offers both single and double stroller rentals, unfortunately they are first come first serve and cannot be reserved in advance. Single strollers are $17 plus tax (+$5 refundable deposit) and for a double stroller is $26 plus tax (+$5 refundable deposit). The deposit is refunded upon the satisfactory return of the stroller.  Strollers are located to the far right when you enter the park.

Parent Swap: The park also offer a Parent Swap policy at the rides. This allows one parent to ride while another parent waits with the child. When the ride is complete, the parents swap child responsibilities at the exit. 

Packing List for Toddlers: Diapers, Wipes, Snacks, Water, Swim Suit, Swim Diapers, towel, sunscreen, hat, change of clothes

Outside Food: Food and coolers are not allowed to be brought into the park, however baby food, baby snacks, formula and bottled water are allowed. If your child has dietary restrictions or allergies, you can consult Canada’s Wonderland for guidance. If you need to supplement snacks then consider these healthy options:

MarketPlace International Buffet -> Fresh Salad and Fruit Bar
KidZville Snacks -> Fresh fruits and fruit cups

Canada’s Wonderland Rides for Toddlers 

Canada’s Wonderland has two family-friendly areas within the park, KidZville and Planet Snoopy. These areas offer over a variety of rides for young kids or little kids that don’t meet the heigh requirements of other rides. Kidzville tends to be for kids slightly older than Planet Snoopy.

Measure your child right away when you arrive to allow you to plan your day based on ride heights. Your child will be given a bracelet so there will not be any arguement when you arrive at the ride. The perfect height is for toddlers to be atleast 36 inches tall. There are over 20 different options.

KidZville Station: All aboard! Hop on a train for a leisurely ride around the railroad. Each train car can sit up to 4 people, which is perfect for parents with multiple kids.

Frequent Flyers: A ferris wheel and hot air balloons that will take you to new heights in Planet Snoopy.

Chopper Chase: Up, Up and Away! Enjoy an aerial view of Canada’s wonderland while you enjoy a private helicopter. Max 3 children per helicopter.

Blast Off: Drop Zone for Kids. Riders must be atleast 36″ inches tall to ride.

Flying Eagle: The ride spins in circles but also changes heights up and down to add excitement. You get to control your cart from going up and down.

Jokey’s Jalaopies: Enjoy a tour around the track as kids take turns driving these unique antique cars. Each car sits four people and kids under 46″ must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Jumpin Jet: Each row can hold one adult. This airplane that moves up and down, both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Swan Lake: Climb aboard your whimsical swan and take a leisurely boat ride around the lake and enjoy the scenery. You could be riding on a white, blue, black or pink swan.

Sally’s Love Buggies: Get ready to climb aboard one of Sally’s colorful buggies for a fun driving and flying adventure. While you move round and round, push down on the handlebars in front of you to make your love buggie rise up into the air.

Sugar Shack: Get into your maple syrup bucket and start to spin, spin, spin until you can’t spin anymore! 

Swing Time: Young riders soar above the ground on high-flying suspending swings. A kid-sized version of the traditional Swing of the Century.

Taxi Jam: Taxi Jam is a steel coaster for kids, designed to be a child’s first coaster at the Park. Kids will giggle over Taxi Jam’s tickling bumps and drops as its themed train, featuring a police car chasing yellow taxi cabs, races on. 

Treetop Adventure: Treetop Adventure will take you sailing through the trees on this helicopter monorail where kids and adults can either sit back and enjoy the ride or increase their speed by pedaling around the track.

Boo Blasters on Boo Hill: Boo Hill has been overtaken by the wicked Boocifer and now it’s a haunted haven for the underworld, filled with ghastly ghosts, ghouls and goblins of all evil kinds. We need you to capture Boocifer so Boo Hill can be restored to its rightful place in society. Are you ready for this super-spooky, supernatural challenge?

Joe Cool’s Dodgem School: Fasten your seatbelts and rev up your engines! Joe Cool’s Dodgem School is where all the famous bumper car pros get their start on the track. 

Lucy’s Tugboat: Because she’s new at this job, she’s not the best captain, so her boat rides deliver quite the zany ride on the high seas — up and down the sweeping waves, spinning here and there, all the while not quite knowing where she’ll land. 

Peanuts 500: Get your motors runnin’ and head out on the speedway with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the PEANUTS™ gang to compete in one of the hottest races around — the PEANUTS™ 500. 

Snoopy’s Revolution: Little riders can reach for the sky inside a colourfully fun balloon on this classic Ferris wheel.

Snoopy vs Red Baron: Young fighter pilots can join the mission, choosing one of the miniature fighter planes and hopping on board. Once in the pilot seat, kiddos will take over the controls and determine their own experience on the Snoopy vs. Red Baron ride — dip or climb, mild or wild!

Beagle Brigade Airfield: Get your aviator glasses ready for a high-flying adventure with Snoopy! Beagle Brigade Airfield zooms along an oval course swinging through sharply banked turns, bringing smiles to children and parents alike. 

Snoopy’s Space Race: The novice astronauts will have to navigate outer space manually, floating up and down and spinning around without any concern for gravity. 

Pumpkin Patch: Climb aboard one of Linus’ pumpkins as this vibrant delight takes kids high in the sky for a great aerial view of the pumpkin patch! Families can spin around and enjoy the ride.  Each pumpkin seats up to 4 people.

Woodstock Whirly Birds: Take hold of the rotating wheel and spin as fast or slow as you want; that determines just how mild or wild your ride is.

Canada’s Wonderland’s Splash Works with a Baby or Toddler:

The day can get long and hot with babies and toddlers so why not head to Splashworks and check out all the awesome water activities that Canada’s Wonderland has to offer for young kids. 

Canada’s Wonderland’s Splash Works with a Baby or Toddler:
Photo Credit: Canada’s Wonderland

Lakeside Lagoon Slides: Two different children’s body slides where riders can either choose to ride down a gentle slope on their own racing two other riders, or ride down a wider slide on their own or together with one adult or two other children both finishing in a shallow pool runout.

Pumphouse: Pumphouse is a wacky aquatic playground that has a zero depth play structure with a host of  interactive activities including waterfalls, rotating water jets, and a giant tipping bucket.

Splash Station: A set of two children’s body slides where riders gently twist and turn in an enclosed flume while riding on their back, before finishing in a runout.

Sprayground: A zero depth interactive water playground.

*Descriptions taken from Canada’s Wonderland website.

Best Rides for Babies at Canada’s Wonderland

Only a few rides allow infants (babies who do not walk) which include: Antique CarouselCharacter Carousel, and the ground level of the Maple Park Treehouse.

Rides for Babies at Canada's Wonderland
Photo Credit: Canada’s Wonderland

Antique Carousel: The Antique Carousel features 64 original hand-carved horses, 24 stationary horses, 42 jumpers, and two chariots. Infants are allowed with supervision in chariot seating options. 

Character Carousel: On this special carousel (a child-sized version of the traditional Antique Carrousel), Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and all of the Peanuts characters whirl around showcasing 20 beautifully crafted horses and two chariots. Infants are allowed with supervision in chariot seating options. 

Maple Park Treehouse (Ground Level): The Treehouse is a large active play area for children with bridges, slides, and climbing structures. Infants must be supervised and stay on the ground level.

Lakeside Lagoon Pool: A kiddie splash pool designed for little water lovers with fun interactive spray features they are sure to enjoy, with a maximum water depth of 19″ (48 cm).

This list could go on as there are many other fun rides for toddlers at Canada’s Wonderland, however these are  our top picks for best rides for toddlers at Canada’s Wonderland.  To find out all the details on height and companion requirements for rides click hereYou can check out a full list of the Kids rides available a Canada’s Wonderland online, or better yet make a day of it and head to Wonderland for a day full of adventure!

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Disclosure:  I was provided with complimentary tickets to Wonderland.  However all opinions are strictly my own.

Originally Posted August 2014 Updated 2021

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  1. I haven’t been to wonderland in years, but we’ll get there one of these days. Great to know there is enough to do to keep the toddlers busy. Makes for planning ahead a little easier. Totally have to get our money’s worth, this place is not cheap, as you probably know 🙂

  2. It has been years since I was at Canada’s Wonderland, but it does look like it would be fun to go visit again!

  3. This is perfect! There is a good chance I’m heading out that way in May and I want to bring my toddler. I’ll be saving this post for sure.

  4. I haven’t been to Canada’s wonderland since my son was 15 months old. At that age they didn’t have nearly as much as they have now. But they had great characters and even had a roller coaster I could go on with him which he swears he remembers lol.

  5. I am glad that Canada’s Wonderland has a nice toddler selection of rides. I find a lot of amusement-type parks often don’t.

  6. My husband and I were in Toronto for a short little while and would have enjoyed these rides ourselves. They look like so much fun 🙂

  7. Thank you for informing us about some of the best rides for Toddlers at Wonderland. This may make the job less intimidating for parents of very young children.

  8. I’ve only been to Canada’s Wonderland once and that was in 1983 for a concert. I didn’t think of it as a place to bring my toddler but now I’ve seen this list I think it’s something she’d enjoy.

  9. Thanks for the list! Our LO will be 3 years old by the time Wonderland season rolls around again, but I haven’t been in many years

  10. Would this be enjoyable with a 15 month old. I assume she could go on the train and a couple of others. We also have an older child

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