Birthday Party Ideas: Easy DIY Construction Cake

Are you looking for an Easy Construction cake for a birthday boy? Make this easy DIY construction cake for your little construction workers birthday party! From kiddos who love visiting a construction site to watching the garbage truck go by, this is a timeless cake designs.

3rd birthday construction cake

Birthdays are a very special occasion, but birthday cakes don’t need to be stressful. This construction party cake is quick and easy to make – use boxed cake (like Betty Crocker) mix and you can have this cake decorated in 10 minutes. And for all of your construction party needs we have ideas for Construction Birthday Party Food, Construction Party Games and Activities, and Construction Party Favours.

DIY Construction Cake

  • 2 – 9×13″ slab cakes or sheet cakes (2 boxes of cake mix – your choice of flavour, we used chocolate)
  • 2 tubs of icing – I used chocolate frosting, but vanilla buttercream would also wor
  • 6 Reese Peanut Butter Cups Chocolate Bars – chopped coarsely
  • 1/3 cup Chocolate Cookie Crumbs
  • 1/2 cup Chocolate “Rocks” – available at the Bulk Barn and other confectionary stores
  • Construction Toys – like cement mixers, dump trucks, excavators and caution cones (washed and cleaned)
DIY Construction cake

Construction Theme Birthday Cake

How to Bake DIY Construction Cake

The cake flavor you use is really up to you, we enjoy chocolate cakes, but use the flavour you will enjoy.

Use 2 — 9×13 cake pan to bake the chocolate cake. Use a cooling rack to allow the cakes to cook completely prior to icing. The cakes should be room temperature before you try to ice them.

You could also use round cake pans to create the perfect cake if that is what you have on hand. This design is very flexible to allow you to create the size and tier cake that suits your needs for your celebration.

Simple Construction Birthday cake

Decorating your Construction Cake Design

Place one slab cake on a cake board. Put 2” strips of wax paper around the edges if you are worried about getting icing on the serving tray.

Simple Construction Birthday cake chocolate

Ice the top and sides of the cake with chocolate icing. If you like hiding special surprises (Smarties, chopped Reese Pieces, money) inside the cake now is the time to place them on top of the first layer.

Easy homemade construction site cake dump truck

Before placing the second cake on top cut out (or break off) a corner of the cake. This will be the part where the excavator is “digging”. You can save this piece and ice it for a small personalized cake for the birthday boy/girl. Place the second slab on top of the first. Ice the entire cake, be generous in the area you cut to make it easier to spread the icing.

Easy DIY Construction cake birthday cake

Once the cake is iced it is time for the fun part – decorating the top of the cake! You don’t need a fancy or expensive cake topper for this construction zone cake. I found toy trucks from my local dollar store that worked perfectly. For my cake I placed the dump truck on top with a trail of chocolate rocks falling down the side of the cake. 

Easy DIY Construction cake birthday cake

Place a tablespoon or two chocolate cookie crumbs inside the cement truck and pile some down as if has poured it out. 

Easy homemade construction site cake cookie crumbs

For the excavator I placed the chopped Reese Peanut Butter cups along the cut out area to create the look of boulders. The chocolate pieces really look like piles of rocks being moved around and offer some addition toppings to the cake.

Simple Construction Birthday cake  with dump truck

There are so many ways to customize the construction party birthday cake. Have fun “building” your creation!

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7 thoughts on “Birthday Party Ideas: Easy DIY Construction Cake”

  1. we did a construction cake similar to this when my oldest was 2, it was so fun! We added a sign that say “DANGER {childs name} is turning 2” Love the way this turned out, the reece’s cups would taste amazing, I want that slice!

  2. Very cute! My Mom did a construction cake once, but it was more like a pile of dirt and had cookie crumbs all over. One boy cried and wouldn’t eat it b/c it was dirt!! LOL

  3. Very cute! Although I think I would use Skor not peanut butter cups-just in case a guest had allergies.

    I had wanted to do this but my kiddos had colds (which cleared up by party day) that threw my whole party planning schedule off. So Walmart to the rescue with a diggers and dumper cake LOL-yours is cuter!

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