Birthday Party Ideas: Construction Party Favors

I am not a huge fan of party favors (goodie bags), so for Little Bear’s first birthday I wanted to do something a little different and something that would not get tossed in the garbage as soon as the kids get home for his construction party.  I would rather not give out goodie bags then send kids home with cheap toys that are just going to break within a day.  If you are going to spend your money on putting together a goodie bag it might as well be something that the kids can play with long term, be useful or have some fun creating something party favors supplies

Luckily having a Construction Party theme I had lots to work with!  To hold all of the “goodies” I didn’t just want to use a plan old bag, instead I got construction aprons from my local Home Depot store (also one of Hubby’s favorite places in the world!).   Not only could the kids decorate them with fabric markers as a craft for the party, but the pockets of the aprons were the perfect storage place for the take home treats.

So what did I include for the Construction Party Favors?

After our mega Playmais building session during the party, not only did they get to take home their creations, but also a Playmais Goodie Bag Box to continue the fun at home.  These mini kits come in many varieties and you can build everything from a sea horse to a prince or princess.

playmais pocket good bag box

Kids have endless hours of fun creating and building with Play-Doh.  In our Construction Party Goodie Bags I included 3 mini tubs of Play-Doh.  I also had some toys left over from Halloween that I tucked in as well, I figured these mini figurines could act as characters in whatever creations the kids built with the Play-Doh.

We all know that construction can be a messy job, so everyone received a Bath Time Buddies soap to help clean up after a hard day at work.  These cute animal shaped soaps are made by my favourite soap store: From the Blue House with party favors supplies soap

When you are a construction worker you have to make sure that you are always being safe!  I made up some Bob The Builder Hard Hats for the kids to play with.  I picked up plain orange plastic hard hats at my local Party supply store, and printed out pictures of Bob The Builder onto sticker labels using my HP Photosmart printer.  Then I just stuck them on the hats and let the kids run wild!

Once the children had decorated their Home Depot construction aprons I collected them back up again, and quickly filled them while the party was going on.  Once they were filled I placed them in a basket so that they were all ready to go at “Overtime”.construction party favors supplies

Both the kids and parents were impressed by the way the goodie bag was packaged, and heard a few excited statements of “We get to take them HOME!”.  I hope the kids love playing, using their imagination and creating & building with their Construction Party Goodie Bags!

9 thoughts on “Birthday Party Ideas: Construction Party Favors”

  1. Great idea to pack it in the apron. We just had a Diggers and Dumpers party as well ( I will blog about it in the New Year when it is not so busy with Christmas.) It was such a fun theme and my son loved it.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    what a great idea. I must pass this tip on to my daughter-in-law she’s always on the look-out for party themes that aren’t the usual, pirate/princess etc themes. Loved the idea of using the aprons as a goody bag.

  3. Danielle Nantau

    I love this favor idea! I’m so not a fan of sending children home with a million meaningless dollar store trinkets. This is a great idea!

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