Birthday Party Ideas: Construction Party Games and Activities

Finding ways to entertain kids during a birthday party is no small task.  You want the kids to have fun and be engaged, but don’t want to overdo it.  For Little Bear’s first birthday we came up with some entertaining Construction Party games and activities to keep the kids occupied and allowed them to be creative and have fun at the same time.

Decorate the Construction ApronConstruction party games activities

I was able to get Construction Aprons from my local Home Depot store.  Monkey thought they were neat as they are similar to the tool belts that Hubs wears at work, complete with pockets to hold all of the essential tools.  As a craft project we let the kids personalize their aprons by colouring them with Crayola Fabric Markers.  If the kids were a little older I would have broken out the glue gun and let them go wild gluing on foam shapes and other decorations.  However most of the kids at the party were around 3 years old, so we stuck to markers this time around.  After they were decorated the kids could wear them as they were them along with their construction hats to play!Construction party games activities - decorate construction apron

Construction party games activities - decorate construction apron

Build & Create with Playmais

For the Construction Party I wanted the kids to be able to build something, but didn’t want to make a big mess as the party would be indoors.  And let’s face it, I wanted to minimize the disaster I would have to clean up post-party.  I came across a really neat product earlier this year and new immediately it would be perfect for a construction party.  What was it you ask… Playmais!  So what is Playmais? Think non-toxic, biodegradable packing peanuts that stick together to create 2-D or 3-D shapes.  You are able to shape the pieces by cutting with a butter knife, or squeezing them, and you can colour on them using markers to add details.

 Construction party games activities Playmais

All you need is a little (and I mean little) bit of water on a piece of felt (or paper towel) and Playmais, and you are ready to build and create anything you can imagine.  I don’t know who was more excited, the kids or the adults to get building with Playmais.  Everyone gathered around the table and started to build some amazing creations.  Although Little Bear did not participate in this activity, his friends as young as 2 years old loved sticking the Playmais pieced together to make different shapes.  The medium Playmais box retails for under $15 online, or you can find Playmais in stores such as Mastermind Toys and many other retailers.  Here are just a sampling of the creations we made at the party.Construction party games activities Playmais

Construction party games activities Playmais 8

Between those 2 activities, having some delicious Construction Party food and cake, we had a pretty full agenda for the party.  However there are lots of other Construction Party Games and Activities you could do including caution cone ring toss, digging for prizes in a sand box or sensory bin, LEGO building competitions and so much more.

Let you imagination run wild and “build” a construction party that both children and adults will have fun attending!

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13 thoughts on “Birthday Party Ideas: Construction Party Games and Activities”

  1. I once had a celebration at a church group as a young kid with playmais and it was SO fun! I had never seen a material quite like them so it as just fasinating to me as a child.

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    1. I was planning to buy them, however my local store was not selling them. The associate was nice enough to give me the 8 I needed for the party for free.

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