Gift Ideas for Nursing Moms

5 Great Gift Ideas for Nursing Moms #LMKUnderMyTree

As a 3 time breastfeeding mom I know how much time and effort moms put in to nursing their little ones and making sure that they get the best possible nutrition.  Christmas time is the perfect time to give nursing moms a little pampering of their own and to celebrate their accomplishment.  Here are some great gift ideas for nursing moms:

gift ideas for nursing moms


1 – Nursing Pyjamas – Instead of just “making do” with an old T-shirt give a gift of comfort and style to a nursing mom with pyjamas specifically designed for breastfeeding.  Cake Lingerie has many styles to pick from, including nightgowns and 2 piece sets.  No need to feel frumpy on Christmas morning if you are wearing this  Creme Brulee Pyjama set – with easy nursing access mom can enjoy all of the festivities while still being able to feed her baby discretely.  And trust me when I say these PJs will last long past the nursing days they are so soft and comfortable you will be wearing them for years to come.

These nursing PJs are so comfortable and look great – I even wore them to a Pyjama Party that Roo and I attended


2 -Hydration – It is easy to forget that when you are taking care of a baby to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.  Give the gift of a water bottle with a fruit infuser or a mug with some milkmaid tea to help make staying hydrated easier and more tasty.


3 – Time – When you are breastfeeding it can feel like you have a baby attached to you ALL.THE.TIME which means that nothing is getting done around the house and even getting a shower is a challenge.  Cook up some meals that freeze well as a gift so that dinner is ready for the family in minutes.  Or take on some chores like cutting grass or snow shoveling to help out the family and give them more time to focus on themselves.


4 – Nursing Bra – Many of the nursing bras on the market are dull, boring and not very pretty at all.  However Cake Lingerie has found a way to combine form AND function.  Their line of beautiful nursing bras not only offer great support and adjustability, but they are also stylish and look great on.  They have thought about the little details like adding extra hooks at the back to accommodate changes in the size of your rib cage and easy to open clips on the cups for nursing access.  The Toffee Convertible Nursing bra is just one of the many in their line up that has beautiful feminine detailing that make it feel more like a regular bra then a nursing bra at all.  And if you are not sure about sizing or styles you could always give a gift certificate so that the recipient can pick out which one she loves best.

best seamless nursing bra

5 – Entertainment – Breastfeeding can take up a lot of time especially in the early days.  When you spend 1/2 of your day nursing your little one you can get bored quickly.  Provide mom with some entertainment by putting together a gift basket including some magazines or books she can read while nursing.  You could also include a DVD of a great “chick flick” she can watch to help pass the time while baby is at the boob.


Next time you have to buy a gift for a nursing mom consider one of these gift ideas for nursing moms and give her a little pampering that she so deserves!



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17 thoughts on “5 Great Gift Ideas for Nursing Moms #LMKUnderMyTree”

  1. I agree with the entertainment! My husband gifted me my first Kindle when I was breastfeeding. It was such a saver for me. Now, I gift Amazon gift cards so breastfeeding moms can buy a book or two!

  2. All great ideas, thanks for sharing! I don’t have anyone on my list breastfeeding this year but will remember some of these for the future!

  3. These are great ideas! I agree with you about the nursing bras… I’ve got the same old collection I’ve been wearing for years and I hate them, but I can’t find anything better. I’m off to check out that website! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great suggestions! Those nursing PJs look so nice! I think they’d make a great present for any nursing mom. Your entertainment basket is a great idea too!

  5. These are all great gift ideas for nursing moms. I really like the PJ idea. You don’t realize how important nursing PJ’s are until you are a nursing momma yourself. 🙂

  6. Nursing Pj’s!!!!! I think that will be what I give my friend for her shower gift….I was trying to stay away from baby clothes lol.

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