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Easter Letter Tracing Worksheets plus Number Activities

When it comes to keeping your little ones busy and focused on learning, these free counting, writing and labeling activities for preschoolers are the perfect thing to print out. With Easter just around the corner, these worksheets are not only cute but a great way to get your little ones into the spirit of the holiday all while giving their brains some exercise. With several different pages of letters to trace, plus some awesome number activities, these printables are sure to provide lots of festive entertainment for your little ones. If you like seasonal activities then check out Christmas Sight Word Bingo, Valentines Tracing and Cutting Practice and St.Patricks Alphabet Sensory Fun Activity.

Free Easter Preschool Printables

You could even add these printables as part of a scavenger hunt for Easter. The kids will have fun completing the worksheets and participating in some fun new holiday traditions. The best part? They are Free!!!

Learning with Easter Egg Printables

These Easter Printables make for hours of fun, all while learning. They offer your preschoolers a chance to learn through play and have a great time doing so. Combining play with learning is a very important way to engage with your children and prepare them for school. Worksheets give your little one a sense of accomplishment, all while teaching them the basics. You can do these themed worksheets together at virtually anytime, simply set up a workspace and watch as your preschooler has fun labeling and tracing on these colourful worksheets.

Free Easter Printables for Toddlers

This printable has several different activities to engage your children and keep them learning. Aside from tracing, there are labeling activities and even some activities that require cutting and pasting different letters and numbers. These kinds of activities help to develop your preschooler’s fine motor skills and get a little messy at the same time. Your little one can even make their own Easter-themed dice and use it to make a tally sheet. With such a wide variety of activities and learning opportunities, these Easter Printables are sure to be a huge hit with parents and preschoolers alike.

Counting Activities for Preschoolers

Having your children work on counting activities is very important. It will help them to learn their basic numbers, eventually leading the way into an appreciation of math.

Giving your preschooler the opportunity to learn their numbers will help to improve their literacy when it comes to math concepts in the future. Things like addition and subtraction are important and an early understanding of numbers increases your little one’s chance of understanding these concepts when the time comes. 

Doing number worksheets will benefit your preschooler by helping them to learn these concepts, all while having fun.

The Importance of Alphabet Printables

As parents, we all know that learning the alphabet is important for your children. After all, knowing the alphabet will allow your children to build a solid foundation for learning to read. These printables not only give your children the opportunity to learn more about the alphabet but also allow them to trace out the letters and learn the foundation of writing each letter. You may also be interested in other Alphabet Printables we have like Mermaid Themed Sensory Alphabet Printable.

What Materials do I need for these Printable Easter Activities?

There aren’t many materials required for these printable Easter activities, that is what makes them so valuable. They provide hours of educational entertainment, without needing anything too fancy.

  • Printer & Printer paper and ink
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Pencils

These awesome learning activities for preschoolers are sure to impress. Print off your copy today and watch your children fall in love with learning.

What will my child learn from the Easter Printables?

Reading Activities:
-identifying capital and lower case letters
-beginning sounds
-name activity

Math Activities:
-One to one correspondence
-number recognition
-ordering numbers

Fine Motor Skills
-Play Doh
-cut and paste


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