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The Best Kit Kat Cakes Recipe Roundup

One of my most popular posts is the Kit Kat Cake that I created for my sister. It is a very easy cake to make and looks very impressive. I use a box mix to make the process even simpler. I love the look of these cakes so much, they can be adapted to any occasion, I even made a version for Canada Day.

These decadent Kit Kat Cake recipes are a deliscious and easy do it yourself cake that is perfect for any occassion. Whether you are decorating for a birthday or a holiday, you’ll find it here.

I have seen some other A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Kit Kat Cake versions and wanted to share some of them with you.

Kit Cake Round Up
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Kit Kat Candy Bar Cake Recipes

Remember a little slice of Kit Kat cake (2 bars) is all you need, so 1 cake can feed a large group of people.  And trust me when I say that this cake is a show stopper! Guaranteed you will get tons of compliments, and shhhhh you don’t have to tell anyone just how easy it is to make! Today we are looking at the Best Kit Kat Recipes for Birthdays or Celebrations.

Looking for Free Food on your birthday? Check out our Guide to Birthday Freebies.

How many Kit Kat Chocolate Bars do I need to Make a Kit Kat Cake?

We recommend that you purchase atleast 4 family size kit kat bars to create a Kit Kat Cake. The recipes will need 3 kit kat bars, leaving you with 1 kit kat bar to taste test or share with any little helping hands.

Kit Kat Chocolate Bar Flavours:

Can I use different Kit Kat chocolate bars rather than just Chocolate… the answer is of course! These Kit Kat cakes allow you to customize based on your decorating needs and taste preferences. The Options are ENDLESS!

-> Kit Kat Gingerbread
-> Kit Kat Caramel Crisp
-> Kit Kat Cookie Crumble
-> Kit Kat Hazelnut Crunch
-> Kit Kat Cookies and Cream



Themed Kit Kat Cakes

-> Batman Kit Kat Cake
-> Nerf Kit Kat Cake
-> Halloween Kit Kat Cake
-> Easter Kit Kat Cake
-> Birthday Kit Kat Cakes
-> Canada Day Kit Kat Cakes


Best Kit Kat Cakes

These Kit Kat Cake Recipes are great for parties or birthdays as they are simple yet decadent.

So have you tried a Kit Kat cake before?  How did you decorate it?


14 thoughts on “The Best Kit Kat Cakes Recipe Roundup”

  1. I really love the look of these cakes – I can totally see myself creating a Pinterest fail but I still love the idea of something different 🙂

  2. Jodi Mitrovic

    Oh my goodness… these look like heaven and cutting based on your 2 stick guide definitely means there’s lots to go around! I love the Birthday Cake!

  3. Yum! I had never heard of a KitKat cake before reading about it here. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  4. Thank goodness I saw this post today! I’m going to attempt to make the Canada Day one for the fam jam! They all look absolutely amazing!


  5. the possibilities are endless…..definitely using Kit Kat for my girls cake. I better start planning this out, her birthday is coming up soon!

  6. Shannon comerford

    hey, i was thinking of doing this cake for my junior cert Pratical.
    I was going to make a Victoria sponge cake with a layer of chocolate butter icing on top and in the middle. .
    Then adding the kit kat around it and designing the top with the sweets as you did so..
    I was just wondering is there any other way of decorating the top other than the one line of sweets you have on yours.
    I think this is a fab cake! but in order for me to be able to do it i need a creative top to for me to get the points i need.

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