Minnie Party Decorations

How to Plan a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Theme

Birthday parties are so much more fun when they have a theme. If your little one loves Minnie Mouse, this birthday party theme is a fantastic choice if you need Minnie Party Decorations.

Planning a Minnie Mouse Birthday party doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, there are several great ways to enjoy a Minnie Mouse Birthday! We have some great suggestions and printables for you.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Plans

A Minnie Mouse Birthday can be a lot of fun to plan and participate in. If you want to throw a DIY Minnie Mouse Birthday, we have some fabulous tips and printables for you. No matter how old the birthday girl or boy is, a Minnie Mouse party can be magical.

Minnie Mouse Invitations

Throwing a Minnie Mouse themed birthday? Uncomplicate the invitations using our printables. These printable Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations are not only cute but they are perfect for your party.

They include sections to put the date and time of the party, the location, and the RSVP information. Simply fill out all the information and hand them out to those you wish to invite.


Minnie Mouse Birthday Decorations

An important part of a theme party is the decorations. Thankfully, we have some printables available to simplify those as well. These printables include banners to decorate your space.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner Free Printable

We have several free Birthday Banner Printables to choose from. There are happy birthday banners and celebrate banners. They really dress up your space and add a cute layer of decoration to your party.


Minnie Mouse Poster

Want to dress up your theme even more? We have a cute Minnie Mouse Celebrate poster that can be printed off and hung around the party location in addition to the banners.

These cute printables will help you create a Minnie Mouse theme party without the fuss.


Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Creating a Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake doesn’t have to be complicated. Especially because we have these cute Minnie Mouse Cupcake Topper Printables that can go right on top.

What You Need to Make a Minnie Mouse Kit Kat Cake

Want to make a full cake instead? Check out our recipes for KitKat Cakes and customize it to your theme. We used pink icing and gummy hearts to decorate ours and it was a hit.

How to Make a Minnie Mouse KitKat Cake Recipe Instructions

Step 1

Bake your 8 inch round cakes according to the instructions on the box. Make sure that you methodically follow the directions carefully. Skipping a step may ruin the process. Allow the cakes to properly cool before icing them. Icing a warm cake will cause the icing to melt away from the cake.

Step 2

Put one layer of your cake on top of a cake board. Apply the frosting to the top of the cake only.

Step 3

Place the second layer on top of your first layer. Ice the top of the the layer and then ice the entire cake liberally. Don’t forget the sides and top. You need the top to have a nice layer of icing for the hearts to stick to.

Step 4

Ensure that each piece has 2 sticks of KitKat by breaking the KitKats down the middle. Place you KitKats around the cake, being very careful. Press them gently into the icing. This will help them stick. Once you have fully covered your sides of the cake with KitKats, tie a ribbon into a bow around the cake.

Step 5

Get your hearts ready to decorate with. Create any pattern you desire. Leave a space in the middle if you are planning on using a cake topper.

Step 6

Serve and enjoy by cutting the cake into slices with two Kit Kats each per slice.

Minnie Mouse Themed Party Games

You can’t forget the fun and games at a Minnie Mouse-themed party. There are several great games that you can play. Just switch up the wording on some traditional games to have them suit your theme.

Minnie Says

Minnie Says is played the same way as it sounds. Just follow the rules of “Simon says” and use Minnie’s name instead. Simply fun and easy to adapt.

Minnie’s Dance Party

Another fun adaptation, Minnie’s Dance Party is played the same as “freeze dance”. When the music stops, everyone must freeze in their current postion. Those who move are out. Make this game extra special by using Disney music.

Minnie’s Scavenger Hunt

To create a fun and exciting Minnie Mouse themed Scavenger hunt, simply use your imagination. You can hide Minnie Mouse themed items around your party venue. Think cute polka dot bows, mouse ears, and other Disney themed items.

Other Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Have other parties to plan? Want other great ideas for your Birthday planning needs? Check out these great ideas.

There are so many great Ideas to throw your Minnie Mouse themed Birthday Party! Have a great time celebrating.

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