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Letters to Santa, Get One Back! – Deadlines You Don’t Want to Miss and Tips on what to Write!

Santa lives in the North Pole with his reindeers and will soon be on his way! He is checking his lists twice and reading Letters to Santa from Children around the world to ensure he brings them something they would enjoy! Now it takes a while for Letters to Santa from Canada Post to make their way to the North Pole so it is important to make sure you meet the Canada Post Santa deadlines.

Writing a letter and mailing a letter to Santa and Mrs. Claus is a beloved Christmas Tradition for children around Canada, and keeps the elves at Canada post busy ensuring every child receives a response from Santa Claus. Writing letters to Santa is also a great way to get kids to practice their hand writing, you can also check out 5 Tips to Help Kids Write their Valentines!

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How can I send Letters to Santa? Are letters to Santa free?

In Canada, letters to Santa are free courtesy of Canada Post. No Postage is required, you just need to ensure you include a return address.

What is the Canada Post Letter to Santa Address? How do you get a Santa letter from Canada Post?

Sacks of letters are arriving at the North Pole and our postal elves are busy helping Santa with his mail. The letter to Santa can be delivered directly to the Santa mailbox at the following address which is very simple and easy to remember:

Santa Claus

North Pole

H0H 0H0


Letters to Santa

What do I need to Write a Letter to Santa?

Writing letters to Santa Claus is a beloved holiday tradition, especially among children. These letters are a way for kids to express their holiday wishes and share their excitement for Christmas. If you or a child you know would like to write a letter to Santa, here’s a guide on how to do it:

1. Gather Supplies:

  • Get some festive stationery or plain paper and colorful pens or crayons or use our template below.
  • You might also want stickers, glitter, or other decorations to make the letter extra special.

2. Address the Letter:

  • Start the letter by addressing it to “Santa Claus” or “Father Christmas” at the North Pole.

3. Begin with a Greeting:

  • Write a warm greeting, such as “Dear Santa,” or “Hello Santa.”

4. Express Gratitude:

  • Begin the letter by thanking Santa for the gifts received in previous years. This shows appreciation and good manners.

5. Share Your Wishes:

  • This is the main part of the letter. Write down the gifts or items you would like for Christmas. Be specific but also considerate. It’s great to ask for things you truly desire, but also remember to be reasonable.

6. Explain Why:

  • Give reasons why you would like those gifts. This helps Santa understand why you’re asking for them and adds a personal touch to your letter.

7. Mention Good Behavior:

  • If you’ve been on your best behavior throughout the year, let Santa know. Mention any good deeds, acts of kindness, or helpfulness you’ve shown.

8. Share Your Christmas Plans:

  • Tell Santa about your family’s holiday traditions and how you plan to celebrate Christmas. This can include activities like decorating the tree, baking cookies, or singing carols.

9. Ask About Santa’s Reindeer and Helpers:

  • You can ask Santa how he’s been and inquire about his reindeer and elves. This shows that you care about him and his team.

10. Close the Letter:

  • Use a closing like “Love,” “Your friend,” or “Sincerely,” followed by your name.

11. Add Special Touches:

  • Decorate the letter with drawings or stickers if you’d like. You can also add drawings of what you’re wishing for.

12. Send the Letter:

  • If you want a response from Santa, make sure to include your return address. Some postal services run programs where they send responses from Santa Claus to children’s letters.

13. Mail the Letter:

  • Place the letter in an envelope, affix a stamp, and send it to your local post office. They often have special arrangements for Santa’s mail during the holiday season.

Remember that the primary purpose of these letters is to foster the spirit of joy and anticipation that comes with the holiday season. Whether or not you receive the exact gifts you’ve requested, the act of writing a letter to Santa can be a wonderful holiday tradition that brings families together and spreads happiness.

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What is the Canada Post Letters to Santa Deadline for 2023:

You will recieve a letter back from Santa as long as you send your Santa letter by the deadline which in 2023 is December 7th, 2023.

Do I need postage to send Letters to Santa?

No Postage is required as there are free Santa letters in Canada as the cost is covered by the post office department: Canada Post.

Letters to Santa Template

Free Printable Letter to Santa Template:

We have taken away the stress from parents by creating the Ultimate Christmas Printable package including Letter to Santa Templates, a Christmas Countdown template, and Door Hanger Christmas decorations.

You can download our Letter to Santa template which includes a fill in the blank style for younger children and a more open ended option for older children.  Many of our letters give the sentence starter of Dear Santa to help younger children get started on their letter.

Letters to Santa Template

Updated Letters to Santa Templates:

Letters to Santa Template
Letters to Santa Template
Letters to Santa Template

What should my child say in their Santa Letter?

-> Reflection: Santa encourages children to include the following in their letters and to take some time to reflect rather than just stating demands, as the holiday season is about more than gifts. Something they have done nice for others this year, or a reason they believe they are on the Nice List.

Include questions – it gives the volunteers something to respond too. Santa encourages children to give back to others in order to be on the Nice list, one way to give back is by Adopting a Family for Christmas.

-> Child’s name: This tells volunteers who to address the letter too, make sure to include your full name.

-> Something they would like for Christmas: By including multiple gift request it tells Santa what to bring your child.

What happens if my Child sends Santa letters to Canada Post from school and home?

Often children will write two letters to Santa – one from home and one from school which could create a conflict in terms of receiving a personalized letter from Santa. This is why the Canada Post Postal workers (elves) have determine that they send personal individualized letters from the North Pole to children mailing from home, but send a group response to letters that have been sent from schools.

Letters to Santa

What can I do if I miss the deadline for a Letter From Santa?

If you find yourself in an Emergency Situation having missed the deadline and having a child waiting for a response from Santa. You can breathe easier as Canada Post has created three last minute Santa child’s letter options that are available to parents to send to their children.

Last-minute Santa letter – Option 1

Last-minute Santa letter – Option 2

Last-minute Santa letter – Option 3

Our Santa Letter Experience:

This past year, my daughter’s reply letter from Santa was a highlight of her holiday season and definetly helped her believe in the magic of Christmas. She was so excited when the big guy in a red suit and his jolly old elf replied to her letter and that it came personalized with her name to our mailbox she was beyond thrilled. I encourage younger kids to write their own letters as it is a fun holiday activity and the letter back from Santa even has a North Pole postmark.

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