6 Fun Water Activities for Kids

Summer may feel like its coming to a close, but looking at the forecast, I think we’re in for a little extra.  We have been lucky here in Ontario, Canada this year with hot sunny days.  My girls and I have spent a lot of time outside playing in the backyard this year and we’ve had a lot of fun doing it, all you really need is a bucket of water and a sponge!  Water activities are a great way to stay cool, learn and have fun.  So, before we loose this wonderful heat, take a look at these Fun Water Activities for Kids.
1.  Water Balloons – this one is easy and a lot of fun for older children.  Fill them up and fire away!  Make a target in the yard and have your kids aim to score points or make the create holes the balloons can pass through.  You could also put a hula-hoop in the yard and roll the balloons to see if anyone can get one in the hoop without it breaking…this takes some control!
2.  Bucket and Sponge – Get a few buckets and place them in the yard, add some food colouring to some (if your feeling really adventurous) and bubbles to others, then get some big sponges and soak the water up.  Have your kids fill some empty sand buckets with the sponge water or run to each bucket before the sponge stops leaking.  This is a surprisingly simple game that my girls loved, and a great sensory activity for young kids.
3.  Pool – This one is obvious, but shouldn’t be overlooked!  My girls are both fairly young so we have a small wadding pool, but it’s perfect for summer fun.  Adding some floating toys like boats, balls and ducks add the kids play for hours.  Consider giving cups and sand shovels to carry water in.  For deeper pools, be sure to practice pool safety by using floating devices and/or life jackets.
4.  Sprinklers – Fun for all ages sprinklers are a great water activity!  They come in many variations now too, you can get the typical back and forth sprinkler or go fun and fancy and purchase one that sprays the water in all different directions.  The other consideration that falls into this category is a slip and slide, great fun for the older children, this will keep them entertained for quite a while!
5.  Water Table – These are great because they are waist high making the water very accessible to small children.  Mix it up and add different items every time it’s used.  Consider rocks, leaves, toys, bubbles and/or foam.  If there are two separate sides to the water table you can put two different temperatures in each side turning this fun activity into a sensory one as well.
6.  Frozen Fun – Take some small toys, place them in sandwich bags (I use the snack size), fill with water and place them in the freezer.  Have your kids hold them and try to get the toys out, it’s fun to see them problem solve.  Add these frozen fun toys to any of the above water activities for added fun.   
Water fun only lasts so long here in Ontario, so get out there and enjoy it.  Always remember to use water safety rules for pools, wear hats and don’t forget the sunscreen! If your looking for more fun summer activities take a look at 10 Fun & Easy Summer Activities for Kids.



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