PerfectSense Bed in a Box

Perfect Sense Provides the Perfect Sleep: Mattress in a Box Review

A month ago we moved into our beautiful new home and took the opportunity to upgrade our master bedroom by buying a new bedroom set which wouldn’t be complete without a new mattress. About 3 years ago my husband said he wanted a king size mattress but I said NO WAY as I didn’t want to pay to upgrade from our queen, but lucky for us my in-laws were getting a new king size for their bed and the mattress still had some life left in it so my husband got his way. So when moving into our new home we decided it was time to upgrade our King Size mattress, and PerfectSense offered the perfect solution. A mattress in a box was the perfect solution for our family as it was delivered right to our door, was compact and easy to move on our own into our bedroom unlike the big boxy old school mattresses.


As a parent of a toddler, a good night’s sleep is super important to me, so having the right mattress is essential to having the perfect night sleep  especially as I often wake up in the middle of the night to go rescue Thumper from crying in the crib and bring her into my bed for snuggles and watch her drowse back into a deep sleep until the morning. PerfectSense Home is a great CANADIAN company that offers high quality bed in boxes, pillows, bedding and home textile products shipped right to your door. Some of the great features that Perfect Sense mattresses offers is a 10 year guarantee, and a 100 night sleep guarantee as Perfect Sense wants every customer to experience a PERFECT Sleep. We were so excited that Santa brought us a new mattress in a box and pillows early for Christmas.

PerfectSense Bed in a Box

Mattress in a Box Review:

The Perfect Sense mattress offered exceptional quality, value and sleep solutions delivered right to my door allowing our family to un-box a perfect night’s sleep. When you have a dog, and a toddler that often find their way to your bed then a King Size bed becomes a need, which is why we picked the 10″ Premium Dodeca memory foam mattress in a box to complete our master bedroom upgrade. Now we have tried out the mattress for the last 2 weeks and I can confidently say that I love the mattress and have had 2 weeks of great sleep.

The Premium Dodeca arrived in a box on our door step and was so compact making it easy to move the mattress ourselves and set it up in our bedroom. Click on our unboxing video below to see how whole process of delivery, moving, and set up of the new matress. 

PerfectSense Mattress in a Box

PerfectSense Mattress in a Box

The 10″ Memory Foam Triple Density Deca matress is made of 3 layers of premium foam mattress and includes a top layer with cooling gel foam . I found it convenient that the mattress was so compact, and that you simply UNROLL, UNPACK and let it EXPAND. The mattress expanded offering the perfect balance of comfort and support as the mattress has the perfect firmness to keep both myself and my husband happy. The mattress was the perfect place to snuggle as a family and exchange stockings on Christmas morning!

PerfectSense Bed in a Box

I feel that the matress is both firm but also soft as it molds to my body to provide supportive comfort, proper spine alignment, that helps evenly distribute the weight in the bed so I never feel the motion transfer when my husband moves in his sleep. The top layer includes cooling gel to help regulate body temperature when sleeping, the second layer is a soft foam layer that provides firmness, and the base is memory foam that provides optimal support. The matress comes with a soft organic bamboo cover making it super easy to wash if it gets dirty, which is important when you have dogs and sometimes sick toddlers sleeping on it.

All of these great features have helped both of us get a deeper more restful sleep. This bed is perfect for our whole family as the whole winter break my dog and daughter have been taking turns coming into bed for extra snuggles. Our dog Nala loves the bed and has been found sleeping and relaxing, this morning she waited until my husband left for work and then she jumped into bed and snuggled with me… she gives it a Pawsitve Review as well 🙂

PerfectSense Bed in a Box

Pillows Review:

If you want to join many others in having the Best Night Sleep in Canada then you need to get yourself the PerfectSense orthopaedic memory foam pillow that helps position your head, neck and shoulders to align with your sleep position depending if you are a back or side sleeper. The pillows are firm yet super comfortable and are a significant improvement to my old pillows.

PerfectSense Pillows


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Disclosure: I recieved a mattress and pillows from PerfectSense in exchange for a review. However, my opinions remain honest and my own.

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