Repairing Hair Damage from Heat with Fructis Damage Eraser #DamageEraser

I love my hair, although it may not always show when I have it tossed back in a messy bun most days.  But really it is kind of sacred to me.  Being a red head it is one feature that has always stood out and I have been proud of.  However that also means that I am not very trusting when it comes to what products and styling I use on my hair.  I have never dyed it and in the last 15 years have only let ONE person cut my hair.  So you can imagine how sad I was when my hairdresser moved from my town to one 25 mins away.  Well I still drive to the next town to get my hair cut, but those visits are not as frequent as I like.  Making sure to maintain my hair in between appointments is even more important now to reduce breakage and split ends.  That is where Fructis Damage Eraser comes in.  Because getting a couple of hours to myself to go get my hair cut happens almost as often as changing the clocks for daylight savings!Fructis Damage Eraser Dry Hair

Women are often “Damage Criminals” to their hair – when is the last time you had out your blow dryer or hair straightener?  I love the look I can get by blow drying to get those perfect curls or using the flat iron to try for pin straight hair however repeatedly applying heat to hair like that can cause my hair to dry out and become more prone to breakage and split ends.  Now Garnier Fructis wants to end the rein of women being “Damage Criminals” to their hair with their newest line in hair care, Fructis Damage Eraser.Fructis Damage Eraser blow dry

Designed to help reconstruct hair strength by 90% from root-to-tip the Fructis Damage Eraser allows you to style your hair how you want it without worrying about potential damage you may cause.  The Fructis Damage Eraser line is available in shampoo, conditioner and the Strength Reconstructing Butter.  I loved the nice light scent of the Fructis Damage Eraser line – uplifting enough to help get you going in the morning, but not overpowering if you are enjoying a relaxing shower before bed.  Best of all with the Fructis Damage Eraser you are able to rejuvenate your hair in minutes – no need to find time in your busy schedule to do a special treatment, just leave the Strength Reconstructing Butter in your hair while you are showering and you are DONE!Fructis Damage Eraser

If you are a damage criminal to your hair make sure you visit the Garnier Fructis website to learn more about the Fructis Damage Eraser and take advantage of the limited time trial offer!  Together we can put our criminal past behind us and have stronger healthier hair.  What criminal acts have you committed lately to your hair?

Disclosure:  This post was brought to you by Garnier L’Oreal Canada via SheBlogs.  The opinions expressed herin are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Garnier L’Oreal Canada.

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16 thoughts on “Repairing Hair Damage from Heat with Fructis Damage Eraser #DamageEraser”

  1. That is your natural color? You are lucky 🙂 It’s gorgeous! Unlike you, I cant stand my natural color so I dye my hair.. along with blow drying and straightening it.. so it is damaged – I have tried this Fructis line and it is AMAZING at giving back some luster to your locks 🙂

  2. I love your hair colour!
    Like you, I’m kind of known for my hair (the length, not the colour though). My ends get damaged from blow drying, and because my hair is just so long.

  3. When I was younger I did do a lot with my hair and it was very damaged. I keep it short now so the style is more natural. I’ll have to let my daughter know about this for her and my grand daughter.

  4. I blowdry my hair every day and often flat iron, too. I love products that make my hair feel soft even after all that torture. Will have to try this!

  5. Another redhead here 😉 With thick curly hair too! Nobody needed this more than me. I’m really impressed how well the Damage Eraser line has worked for me. And, bonus, it works with my curls, not against them!

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