Transitioning to Sippy Cups: Playtex Anytime Straw Sippy Cup Review #Momtrust

As a parent it is exciting to watch your kids learn new skills and reach new milestones, however the road to achievement is not always smooth and there can be some trial and error along the way.  When Monkey was transitioning to sippy cups I tried several different products to try to find one that had a he liked, had a secure lid and cover and would not leak during travel.  You would think that would not be too difficult.  I was wrong.  From covers that did not stay attached during travel, to lids popping off we had our share of spilled drinks.  When it was time for Little Bear to transition to sippy cups I was determined not to make the same mistake twice.  After doing some shopping we settled on the Playtex Anytime Straw Sippy Cup and have never looked back.Leak proof sippy cup Playtex anytime staw sippy cup

So what is it about the Playtex Anytime Straw Sippy Cup that I love so much?  Where here are just a few key features:

  • LEAK PROOF – with the twist n’ click lid you know when you have the lid on tight enough, and the cover easily slides over the straw to keep it from getting dirty or allowing any liquid to get out.
  •  Durable and lightweight – the Playtex Sippy Cups have stood up beautifully to the test of going to daycare with Little Bear to Daycare every day.  They are light enough for him to handle with ease and show every little wear even with all the abuse they take from a toddler
  • Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe – the Playtex Anytime Straw Sippy Cup easily comes apart for washing and cleans up beautifully.  Even when filled with blueberry juice, after a quick wash there was no remaining smell or stains.  The straw and lids fit perfectly into the Playtex SmartSpace Dishwasher Basket for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • Contoured Shape – Makes it easy for little hands to hold and gasp the cup to slide the cover open and closedPlaytex straw sippy cup review

Transitioning to sippy cups with Little Bear was an easy and mess free process.  And we don’t just use these cups for him, we also use them when we are out and about with Monkey too.  When sitting at the dinner table Monkey gets a regular cup, but when out I don’t trust him not to spill his drinks everywhere, and he is quite happy to use a Playtex Anytime Straw Sippy cup while on the road.

 Playtex anytime straw sippy cup review

Playtex Anytime Sippy Cups are available in a variety of formats including straw, spout and spoutless options.  Plus you can also get insulated cups as part of the Playtex Playtime Sippy cup line to keep their drinks cold all summer long  The Playtex Anytime Straw Sippy cup is the only one I grab when heading out the door with the boys, because I can feel confident that we won’t have any leaks or spills while we are out on an adventure.


Disclosure:  This post was brought to yo by the Mom Trust Program by Playtex.  All opinions are strictly my own.

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14 thoughts on “Transitioning to Sippy Cups: Playtex Anytime Straw Sippy Cup Review #Momtrust”

  1. I’ll have to suggest these to my sister. My niece is 14 months and has struggled to gain weight since birth so the doctor really wants her drinking whole milk each day for the extra fat and calories but she has refused to drink milk out of the sippys that my sister has tried with her so far. She takes water or juice out of any sippy almost but is picky about what she will drink milk out of for some reason.

  2. I love your cabinets in the background there. LOL. Anyways I remember too well how some of these leak and the big messes that entails. Sip cups are so useful for Moms and Dads – I think great products like these can make al the difference sometimes when you are striving to get through a busy day.

    1. Really??? I could not live without them. We try Little Bear once and a while with a “big cup” but always need to change his clothes after

  3. Alaina Bullock

    This is exactly what my sister is using for my niece’s transition., SO far they work great! Of course, this is a great brand, so all of their products she has used have been high quality and durable.

  4. Having this be leak proof is a must, sometimes the transition can be hard, but luckily we did not have any issues with my daughter.

  5. Oh my gosh! How did he get so big so fast?!?! Those sippy cups look awesome! A friend of mine is looking at getting her little one some sippy cups! I’m going to refer her to your blog post! These look great!

  6. We have been using straw cups for awhile now. My dd is 2 and she loves them! With four munchkins, i have gone through my fair share of toddler cups. This looks great. I will have to check it out.

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